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on July 1, 2012

The lovely  Love From Mummy and Hollybobb’s are once again hosting the fab linky that is Pretty.Little.Things and this week’s theme is Funky Footwear.

I IMMEDIATELY again knew which picture I wanted to share and it just HAD to be this one taken a few weeks ago…

It was a red hot day and my daughter opened her wardrobe, found these boots and INSISTED on wearing them! She had a denim dress on and it looked hilarious!

Then when she climbed in her old bouncer, that she is now a bit big and we had actually got it out for her baby cousin,… well it just looked even funnier!

Kids really do make you smile!

If you want to join in Pretty.Little.Things it’s being hosted this week across at Love From Mummy’s blog 

8 responses to “Pretty.Little.Things

  1. Louise says:

    Big man wore a jumper with shorts the other day. love those boots tho – no wonder she wanted to wear them!

  2. oh those boots are just fabulous! I want me some! Thanks for linking up hunni xxx

  3. Omg those boots are fantabulus! Love ur piccy x

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