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Terrible Twosday – Meltdowns and Poo Gate

on June 19, 2012

Well after the last week I have had I had to share a few of the highlight’s I’ve had with my lovely little delight as part of The Crumby Mummy’s Terrible Twosday.

On Sunday I headed across to my mum and dad’s for father’s day as my hubby was at work all day. Mum and dad were going to a local event and asked if we wanted to join them. They were initially going to take my little girl so I could have a bit of a rest and an hour or so to myself but at the last minute I decided to join them.

On arrival at the event my little angel developed devil horns and went into a huge meltdown just being generally awkward and very very loud. She didn’t want to stand and we had left the buggy in the car, she insisted on being picked up, but only by me and no one else and even when I did that she fought to pull away from me and even when she didn’t I could only hold her for so long because of my hips and back and when I tried to release her she clamped herself tightly to me. I basically couldn’t appease her no matter what I did and it was starting to get really stressful, what made it worse was at one point I looked up and saw my little girl’s nursery nurse and her family looking back across at me. She smiled and waved but I just wanted the ground to swallow me up as my snotty, hysterical, red eyed daughter clung to my leg wailing like a banshee!

On arrival back at my mum and dad’s, with a now very calm and contented daughter we sat down for our tea, with guests from abroad and my aunty and uncle only for my daughter to announce “poo poo”. I took her upstairs and to my amazement we had our first number two in a potty! I was so busy wondering how to extract it from the potty that I left my daughter on her change mat on the floor nappy free… big mistake, I came back to find we had had a number one accident. I let out a “noooo” and this resulted in my daughter bursting into tears, getting hysterical again and me having to strip her off completely and try to calm her! All this as people sat below politely ignoring the shenanigans and carrying on with their meal!

Just before we left for home that night I was once again told “poo poo” only this time it had already happened in the nappy. What I wasn’t banking on was her shoving her hands down there and rolling across and reaching out for my parents spare bed duvet as I turned away to get a wipe out! “argh!” I explained only this time it wasn’t followed by tears and I did manage to catch her in time thank god! Needless to say I was glad to get home, hand over my little angel to hubby for bath time and take a big sigh of relief. What a day it had been!

However… my week of tantrums and delights didn’t end there.

Today, I decided my daughter could have one of her birthday presents early to make the most of it and I set about putting together her mini trampoline. She had a go on our neighbour’s larger trampoline during the jubilee celebrations and I haven’t heard the end of it so I thought it would keep her happy.

However! Once the frame was constructed and I began to put the base in place my daughter soon realised what it was and was desperately trying to climb on to it when it wasn’t yet finished. As I fought off the advancing and very determined toddler, in the blazing heat, time and time again, she got more frustrated and it resulted in the hugest melt down I have seen in a while. Ear-piercing screaming, tears, drooling… the works! Trying to pull bungee cord through loops and tie it tightly with a child hovering in your face is not easy and not that relaxing! Luckily my mum had come across so I thrust my daughter in her direction once we had managed to do the main task and asked “please take her out of my face for five minutes!”

I finally finished the task in hand only to find the base goes on a certain way to sit around the jump handle at the front and guess which idiot hadn’t realised that! Oh well, so the bottom doesn’t quite sit right… it will have to do as I am soooo not taking it all apart now! I blame the hysterics I had to put up with anyway for distracting me!

Amazingly, once my daughter heard the trampoline was finished the tears vanished, she flung herself on to it and jumped and laughed with glee for the rest of the day!

See some stories do have a happy ending!

I am hoping the week improves somewhat! What have your little treasures been up to? Why not hop over to The Crumby Mummy’s Terrible Twosday and share your woes!

9 responses to “Terrible Twosday – Meltdowns and Poo Gate

  1. Charlotte says:

    What a week! Hope you are o.k. hon. I held my breath as I read about the poo and the bedding! I was sure that it ended in disaster! Hopefully the trampoline will keep her happy for a long time! Thanks for linking up! Happy Tuesday! x

  2. sharon says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your daughters meltdowns but also have to admit they really do make me giggle . Xx

  3. Sorry – not the correct response, but I’m laughing at the trampoline story because exactly the same thing happened to us years ago. We bought it for my Son when he was two for Christmas and sat putting it together at about midnight on Christmas Eve, only to pull all the cord through & find we’d done it wrong – why don’t they make these things easier to do???

  4. kate says:

    lol, I think I need to start taking part in terrible twosday too, so nice to learn you’re not the only one!

  5. […] herself to her potty of her own accord and in June in one of my Terrible Twosday posts entitles meltdown and poo gate I shared a nightmare potty and poo experience. To date I haven’t forced the potty and […]

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