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Pretty Little Things: My First Photo

on June 18, 2012

This week’s Pretty Little Things theme from the lovely Love From Mummy is ‘My First Photo’ so I thought I would share one of the first pics taken of my lovely daughter when she was born.

As I had to have a c-section hubby returned to our room with our little girl while I was “sewn up” and the lovely nurse took this photo after he had dressed her. I think it is so cute!

If you want to join in with this linky why not hop on over to Love From Mummy’s blog and share your “first” picture

7 responses to “Pretty Little Things: My First Photo

  1. Louise says:

    The only problem with this linky is that it is making me broody!

  2. Aw congratulations! she looks adorable xx

  3. Lisa @ hollybobbs says:

    What a lovely photo! Thanks for linking up x

  4. Aw that is just the cutest photo, she looks so peaceful and content in daddy’s arms. Thanks for linking up lovely xxx

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