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“Being Pregnant” Meme

on June 9, 2012
I have been invited by Lynn from Babysteps to take part in the fabulous “Being Pregnant” meme started by the curious Trinket of Treasure! Perfect timing as I have just been posting my Pregnancy story so it’s all very fresh in my mind once again!
  • We are a very curious bunch, so please answer the following questions in as much depth as you dare.
  • Invite three or more women and link them to your blog post. Invite as many mothers/ expecting women you know to participate. But please remember you don’t have to be invited to take part. THE MORE THE MERRIER! x
  • Leave a comment about what you think of this meme and a link to your blogpost HERE
  • For lovelies that have been pregnant more than once, answer the question in regards to your first pregnancy.

What was your first reaction when you found out that you were/are pregnant and why do you feel you reacted in that way?
 I was in total shock and a little freaked out if totally honest. We had decided to try for a baby in the new year but I didn’t expect to be reading a positive test by the end of the second week in January! I knew I wanted a baby but I think I was just stunned as to how quickly it happened!
What major changes did/does being pregnant bring to your life?

It made me think about my career and what direction I wanted it to take. We had to clear out our “office room”, buy more storage and reshuffle a few things in the house! It affected my hips and back, which meant that I spent most of my pregnancy on my crutches. I was an emotional fruit loop! I discovered heartburn for the first time!

What did/do you like or enjoy about being pregnant the most?

I felt so special, like part of a unique club! I loved my bump and couldn’t stop rubbing it. I adored feeling my baby moving and squirming around (despite thinking I would be freaked out by that!) Having Lovely thick bouncy hair that I didn’t need to wash every day!

What did /do you dislike the most about being pregnant?
 Sore hips, legs and back and limited mobility. Frequent toilet trips. Heartburn / Indigestion. Insomnia. Fainting! Not being able to have Pate, Brie or Seafood!


What are your overall thoughts and feelings on being pregnant?

 I  really enjoyed being pregnant, despite the annoying side effects. I just felt special!
So now I’m done, all that is left is to invite some lovely ladies to take part!
The lucky individuals are:
Love From Mummy
The Crumby Mummy
Tea & Biscotti
Me The Man and The Baby
Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three

3 responses to ““Being Pregnant” Meme

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  2. Lynn says:

    Love your answers. Must have been hard being on crutches throughout your pregnancy though. XXX

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