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My Pregnancy Journey – Part 1 – Finding Out

on May 17, 2012

I’ve realised I probably did this a bit backward as I posted my birth story (which does incorporate a bit of the last part of my pregnancy) before I wrote about how it all came to be. So in backwards fashion I want to share with you the high’s and low’s of my pregnancy.

Here’s part 1 – Finding Out

December 2009:

Hubby and I had “the chat” about potentially starting a family in 2010, we decided that we would start trying in the new year. We had a lovely Christmas and he actually had a decent amount of time off for a change and we got to spend some quality time together. We were very relaxed and had a lovely time seeing family and just chilling out.

On New Year hubby had to work so I went to a local pub where my parents live to have a meal with them and my aunt and uncle. The pub had a disco on and despite me knowing no one I soon got chatting to people and decided to stay back with people I had met. I had a great night, drinking a considerable amount.

In the early hours the couple I was drinking with decided they were ready to leave so we headed outside, slipping for the umpteenth time on the sheet of black ice outside the pub doorway. It was like a blizzard outside and it was actually hard work walking in the snow. The guy from the couple suddenly started acting erratically, he couldn’t stand up properly, was falling over. Anyway to cut a long story short they had too far to travel back home and I couldn’t allow them to try so insisted they came back to my parents to get warm. The guy was in a right state and me and his girlfriend ended up dragging all 6.5ft of him uphill in deep snow back to my parents. When we got back we discovered he was shaking, seemed woosey and had a nosebleed. We immediately warmed him up and insisted they stayed the night. The next day they left and the girl later sent flowers to my parents to say thank you and to explain that her boyfriend had apparently been taken to hospital and had had severe concussion after banging his head when slipping on the black ice (he had fallen a couple of times during the night)…. There is a point to this part of my story honestly!

January 2010:

It was the end of the first week in January and I felt different, something felt strange and my breasts were starting to get really sore. I told my hubby and he asked if I was pregnant. I knew it was too early to take a pregnancy test but the next day, whilst in the bathroom I decided to give it a go using one of the test 6 days in advance kits that I had in the cupboard. I sat waiting for the results thinking it was all in my head and that I was being silly… after all we weren’t going to start trying till the new year! Then, a faint line appeared on the stick and I stood staring at it in shock!

I wandered into the bedroom where hubby was laid and just handed him the stick with a shocked look on my face. He looked back at me, probably shocked that I had just popped to the loo and come back having peed on a stick and waved it at him! We both just stared at each other silently. It was a weird feeling, I always thought we would have that elated “wow we’re pregnant jump for joy” moment, but it just wasn’t like that. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be pregnant, not at all, I think it was more the fact that we hadn’t actually started trying! we had had a “merry christmas” yes! but surely it couldn’t happen that quickly? We were so stunned and the line was so faint, we got up, got dressed, dug the car off the drive (heavy snow still) and went to the local supermarket to buy another test, this time a digital one!

We decided to keep hold of the test and that I would do it the next morning, which I did. This time there was no uncertainty. PREGNANT 2-3 WEEKS. Well that was it. We were having a baby…OMG… now what do we do???…. We picked up the phone and called our parents of course! First, hubby called his mum and dad, who were over the moon, screaming with joy down the phone, then I called my parents, it just so happened to be my dad’s birthday so I thought the news would be a nice present! However there was a bit of a stunned silence on the phone! Ok, that wasn’t what I was expecting!

Meeting my parents later for dinner they told me they had been waiting nervously for the day I gave them that news because they were so worried about how I would come with the pregnancy with my hips and back problems. They apologised for not seeming happy, they were just apprehensive as to how my body would cope as I was still their baby. Phew… well as long as that was all! Now all I had to contend with was telling my sister that she would have a second heavily pregnant bridesmaid… now how was that going to go???

When I had got married a few years prior, I too had the same thing happen. I had three bridesmaids and two of them came to me within a week of each other to tell me they were pregnant, and both were going to be 7 months on my wedding day. Now pregnant bridesmaids were a shock, but I could cope with it, my only nightmare had been the fact that I had JUST taken delivery of my bridesmaid dresses from America at the time and there was no way of changing them and no way they would have fitted them on the day either! At least in this scenario we had’t yet got our dresses for my sister’s wedding so there was the option for bigger sizes.

My sister arrived for the meal and I had decided I would tell her after the meal at home (just in case she had a mini breakdown!) So we sat around the table chatting and the conversation turned to the wedding and during the conversation my sister made a comment along the lines of “well at least you’re not pregnant too” (or something to that effect, I can’t remember) I just remember nearly choking on my dessert and both my parents and I glanced at each other, there was a silence and my sister said “Oh my god you are, you’re pregnant!”

eeek! I waited for the hysteria and wailing, visibly flinching… but it didn’t come. I could tell she was shocked and probably thinking “for god’s sake!” but she gave me a big smile, told me how pleased she was for me and ho excited to be an auntie! Phew! That was a relief! The hard part was over (well the first hard part of many anyway!)

As the reality set in I immediately thought back to the chaos of New Years Eve, the copious amount of drink I had had, not knowing I was pregnant obviously, the near on hypothermia and dragging a giant man uphill in the deep snow… Oh my god… had I damaged my baby before I even knew they were there???

To be continued…

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