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Spring Cleaning

on May 13, 2012

As a mummy you become more aware of dirt and germs, especially when your little ones are learning to crawl. We have pets and I was so aware of my daughter getting pet hair, cat litter etc on her hands (not to mention general dirt and germs) and then placing her hands in her mouth so I am forever sweeping and mopping!

I was recently given Zoflora’s latest limited edition Bluebell Woods disinfectant to try. It’s fine to use with pets and I’ve read that it kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and gets rid of odours to leave a lasting fresh scent, fab I thought, that will get rid of the smells of litter trays! I’ve also read that it was approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute and it was added to the Zoflora family to celebrate their 90th birthday, 90 years in business and approved by the GHI, wow they must be good! I thought, so I was keen to try it!

Today on a spring cleaning mission I set it to work on my kitchen. I was immediately hit by the floral scent. It was so powerful and left the kitchen clean and smelling fresh and floral for hours.

I hadn’t used Zoflora before but as it can be bought at most leading UK supermarkets It’s highly likely I will try out some of their other products in future as there are a range of different scents.

Zoflora are currently running a competition on their Facebook page to win thousands of prizes so why not stop by and see if you could be in with a chance too?


This review was an unpaid for post, but a sample of the product was given to try

One response to “Spring Cleaning

  1. It’s so true – when you’re walking around as normal you don’t really care about the dirt. But when your baby is crawling – suddenly your floor never seems clean enough! This sounds like a good product, I might give it a try as I’ve found other janitorial supplies UK a bit harsh smelling.

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