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#TerribleTwosday – Party Meltdown

on May 1, 2012

Well this weekend we went to a friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party.

When we first arrived my daughter was ok, however as more and more people arrived the devil horns emerged and she made it quite clear that she wasn’t happy! By the time pass the parcel started my little girl was laid in the middle of the circle having a complete meltdown, snotting and dribbling everywhere whilst screaming and crying. We even tried stopping the music on her straight away so she could unwrap the parcel but that didn’t work!

Rather embarrassed at the situation and in a room full of a lot of mums and dads that I didn’t know, I scooped up my little girl and took her into the hallway. However there was no calming her, she sat by the stairs and continued her stand! I had to just step away into the doorway and leave it to her in the end (which did work a little).

I felt so stressed as it’s not often my daughter is like this and for it to be in front of a load of strangers made me feel really anxious, friends I can cope with… honest!

After a dose of Calpol (we think her very back four teeth are coming through, but I’m not sticking my fingers in her mouth to find out!) she finally calmed down and started playing on the tricycle and tractor outside. By the time everyone was leaving she was angelic and happily playing again… shame it hadn’t been like that to start off with! Never mind, guess it always has to be someone’s turn and this time it was mine!

I’m linking up this post to The Crumby Mummy’s Terrible Twosday blog hop #TerribleTwosday. If you have a story to share why not hop on over…

10 responses to “#TerribleTwosday – Party Meltdown

  1. Emily says:

    Eeek! Horrible when that happens in front of strangers as you feel so much more self concious about how you deal with it! And you are just left thinking that they all think your child is always like that… been there!!

  2. Im sure most parents there have been through similar at some point (if not Im sure they will!) even though it’s so embarrassing at the time bless ya… Plus if it’s back teeth coming through im not surprised. Ouchies! x

  3. Charlotte says:

    Teeth are horrible! They turn our little Angela into monsters!!! Glad she (and you) got to enjoy some of the party! Thanks for linking up! x

  4. Cassie says:

    I don’t know why it’s more embarrassing when your child acts out in front of strangers! I feel the same way. Maybe because they don’t know what your child is really like so I think they think the tantrums are regular!

  5. Poor baby getting her back teeth. It always seems so unfair that they go through such pain to get them only for them to fall out a few years later! As for the party, everyone’s been there and done that but at least you know she’s not like that all the time and you can rest safe in the knowledge that the chances are you might never see those parents again!

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