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Listography – My 5 Fairy Godmother Wishes for My Daughter

on April 21, 2012

So this week the lovely Kate at KateTakes5 has been wondering what would happen if her child had a fairy godmother and that fairy godmother granted them 5 wishes. What 5 wishes would she choose? With this in mind for this week’s #Listography blog hop she’s asked us what we would choose.

So here goes…

1. Health

Health would be a big wish for me for my little girl. Everyone wishes for a long and healthy life and having a disability myself that has deteriorated as I have grown up I wish a long, healthy and mobile life for my daughter.

2. Loving and Caring Nature

I am quite an open and tactile person. I wear my heart on my sleeve and care about the feelings of others and I would like my little girl to have the same attitude. I want her to respect and understand others and to be open and loving.

3. Intelligence

I want my child to do her best academically, I would never be overly pushy but I want her to be able to put her mind to something and to achieve things in life.

4. Patience and a Calm Temperament

I can have a fiery side to me and will often argue the toss if given the chance and admittedly I don’t always know when to shut up and back down. I can also get anxious easily. I want my daughter to be able to keep a level head and remain calm.

5. Courage

Whilst I want her to remain calm and be patient, I also don’t want her to be a push-over. I have been walked over many times in my life and haven’t always stood up for myself (despite my fiery side) and I regret this. I want my daughter to have courage to stand up for herself and for what she believes in and to never feel bullied or intimidated as I have.

If you want to join in the lovely KateTakes5 #Listography blog hop just hop on over to her blog

17 responses to “Listography – My 5 Fairy Godmother Wishes for My Daughter

  1. I like courage. That is an important trait to have to get through life.

  2. Courage and intelligence, so important.

  3. Great Listography list-especially the one regarding courage.

  4. Such great wishes for your little girl, courage and health are such important things to have in life! Have joined in with the challenge myself this week. xxx

  5. Those wishes can’t be bettered, can they. A mother who appreciates their importance is bound to pass the essence of all of them on to her child.

  6. Claire T says:

    I love this list. Courage and Patience are two things that I am sorely lacking. Fingers crossed she will take after her Dad in my case.

  7. Calm is such an under rated trait – love that one.

  8. […] Listography – My 5 Fairy Godmother Wishes for My Daughter (amummysview.wordpress.com) […]

  9. […] Listography – My 5 Fairy Godmother Wishes for My Daughter (amummysview.wordpress.com) […]

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