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The Happy Bunny Club

on April 3, 2012

Our bunnies here at home are very excited to hear about Martha’s Happy Bunny Club

Anyone can join – boys and girls of all ages, mums and dads, grandparents, Single Ladies and chaps, pets…

It’s being run by the lovely Clara Vulliamy to celebrate the launch of her book “Marth and the Bunny brothers I Heart School”

There will be a special membership pack sent out to all members, full of nice surprises and goodies and lots of fun and larks to follow, as well as things to do and make on Clara’s blog in a special Club area.

We’ve all signed up. Have you????

4 responses to “The Happy Bunny Club

  1. How lovely to see all your bunnies lined up so beautifully! *waving back excitedly*
    – and thank you very much for mentioning the Club, that’s so kind! X

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