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Listography – April Goals – Part of KateTakes5’s #Listography Blog Hop

on April 2, 2012

So this week Kate at KateTakes5 has set herself some short-term goals for April and challenged us to do the same. Perfect timing as I need a good kick up the butt and have been pondering a few things so here goes…

1.) Get back on the diet.

When I was younger I was always one of those annoying girls who could eat whatever they wanted and lived off takeaways whilst remaining a size 6 / 8. However as time has progressed my body has changed and I am now a lot more prone to putting weight on. Before I had my daughter I fluctuated between a size 10 and 12 and did diet a couple of times. However, since having my little girl I only need to look at food and I put weight on! I dieted after I had her and did so well, I was back to my 10 / 12 figure from being a 14 bordering on a 16 on the waist. However over Christmas and the winter I have admittedly slipped big style, stuffed my face and am now suffering. My clothes are tight and some I can’t get into as my stomach is bloated and flabby. It’s safe to say that my tummy has changed the most since the stomach muscles are shot to bits following the pregnancy and c-section. So I’ve got the heavy birthday month and charity coffee morning out the way and this month I pledge to get back on the diet wagon as a priority so I don’t have to hide all summer!

2.) Look up a web design course

I am the type of person that can never sit still and always have new ideas and things to try on my mind. For some time I have been wondering where my career will go post toddler time and have been asking the powers that be to give me some kind of direction. I feel that my blog has done just this. It’s made me really interested in social media, web design etc. At work I am voluntarily and temporarily looking after elements of our website and social media during a colleague leaving and a replacement starting and I am getting more and more interested. I have also seen several Online Marketing jobs repeatedly advertised and know from speaking to people in the field that applicants for these kinds of positions are low at the minute so with my Marketing Comms background this could be a new avenue I could take in future and by doing a course in this field it can only help me, even if just with my blog initially. So I pledge to look into this and hopefully sign up to an evening class.

3.) Go to bed earlier!

Since I have started blogging I am a nightmare I can sit all night and am then shattered when my alarm (or my daughter, which is more likely) wakes me the next morning. Therefore I pledge to try to go to bed a lot earlier!!! If you see me on twitter after 10.30pm on a school night give me a kick!!!

4.) Have more date night’s with my hubby

My hubby can work long hours and both of us can be glued to our computers when we are home so I pledge that we have one night every couple of weeks where we make time for one another, turn the computers off and have quality time together. This last week off for my birthday has made me realise how nice that is and we should do it more!

5.) Book some form of holiday for the coming months!

Hubby and I decided we’d like to do an early and late holiday of some kind this year (even though we probably can’t afford it!) But as usual we have talked about it and done nothing, probably to the extent that neither of us will be able to get any time off now! But I pledge to sort this by the end of this month and have a date in the diary so we can have some quality family time.

Well that’s my goals for April, hopefully I will keep them and I look forward to reading about everyone elses and hopefully get a little more inspiration! If you want to join in why not hop on over to KateTakes5 and link in?

4 responses to “Listography – April Goals – Part of KateTakes5’s #Listography Blog Hop

  1. saz says:

    sounds good! good luck xxx

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  4. […] Listography – April Goals – Part of KateTakes5′s #Listography Blog Hop (amummysview.wordpress.com) […]

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