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Fabulous and Much Needed Week Off in the Sun

on April 1, 2012

What a fab week I have had, I took the week off as it was my birthday and had holiday that needed using. I couldn’t have picked a better week as it has been glorious weather! I don’t think I can remember the weather having been so nice on my birthday in a long, long time! Got to spend some lovely quality time with my family and friends too!


Day out with my parents, sister and niece at a local event today. Weather was lovely and we had a nice day spending quality time together.


Visited the in-laws today and spent the night. Took our daughter to a play park near where they live and bought her an ice-cream. We had to tear her away from the slides after what was probably her 50th go and work our way around the meltdown she had because she didn’t want the ice cream tub I had bought for both of us to share and preferred everyone elses cones! Typical! Lovely meal that evening and a good chat with good company.


Today we drove home from having spent the night at the inlaws and on the afternoon I picked up my new car, it’s a bigger car than what we’ve had before and higher so it makes it easier for me to get in and out of with my hips plus I can get a buggy and more in the boot. On the afternoon we had the house viweing from hell with out little girl, who had a full scale meltdown in this poor woman’s house, as you will have read if you read my Have We Entered the Terrible Two’s post. Still beautiful weather so also enjoyed a walk out with the trike and some time in the garden.


We viewed another house today but decided not to take our little one with us after yesterday! My mum, a star again, came to babysit for us whilst we went. We don’t even have our house on the market but these two properties were too well priced to ignore. However today’s house would have been too much work and cost for us to take on. More time playing in the garden this afternoon, bliss!


Today was my birthday and my little girl was at nursery for the day. Hubby was off too and offered to take me out somewhere nice. However I politely declined and asked if we could just spend the day together pottering in the garden. He looked a bit confused and asked “You want to work in the garden on your birthday?” I replied that I practically never get any time at home, alone and that there’s often so many things I want to get done but don’t that with the weather being so nice it would be an ideal opportunity. Hubby often gets days here and there to himself due to the days he works so he doesn’t realise that sometimes it’s the simple things that make the difference. Reluctantly hubby agreed and a rather excited me dragged him off to B&Q to get some bits for  the garden. We spent the morning and early afternoon pottering, I put some plants in pots and proudly displayed my new hanging basket and then after lunch we headed to a pub beer garden for a nice drink and bite to eat, before walking to the nursery to pick up our little girl. That evening Hubby took me out for a lovely meal at a Michelin restaurant. I ate sooo much and couldn’t choose between the desserts so had to have the sample plate of all of them!!! I wonder why I am getting fatter???


Today my mum had our daughter on the afternoon so after a morning of playing in the garden with her and lunch, hubby and I finished off what needed doing around the house, whilst also making the most of the beautiful sunshine.


I headed into our local town with my daughter in the morning to pick up some things that we needed. I was very proud of myself that I had managed to get everything in a very short time and we’d had no issues. However I realised on the way home that I had forgotten two things that I really needed but hadn’t put on my list. Pants! Oh well! We had lunch when we got home and then my little delight went down for a nap allowing me to catch up on some blogging! That afternoon we played in the garden, got the paddling pool out and had our first paddling pool experience (very cute!) unpacked a food shop, had a bath, watered the garden and had tea, all in time for grandma arriving so that I could get ready and go out for tea with some of my lovely girlie friends. (I’d kind of forgotten hubby was at work late and I was due to go out on bedtime so it was a bit of a rush but super mum managed it! lol!) I had a lovely meal out with the girls, nice to have some quality time with friends. 


Today Hubby was at work but the in-laws had asked me to accompany them on a road-trip to see some fo their family, which was nice, so we all piled in the car and headed off for a lovely day seeing some lovely people. There were children there but they were older than my daughter, however it was so sweet they took her under their wing and played with her, entertained her and gave her lots of cuddles, it was gorgeous to watch, she had such a lovely time and didn’t want to leave!


Today I made some easter egg critters with my daughter (well technically with her, she kind of joined in but mostly threw all the craft materials all over the floor whilst our cat then played football with it all) nevertheless we all had fun! This will be the focus of my #ArtAttackTuesday post this coming week. The sun is still shining  so I am sat in the garden catching up on my blogging while my daughter has a nap. Lovely!

On the plus side two more days off until back at work and this week is a short week too! Bonus!

Hope you have all had a nice week! xxx


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