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Have We Entered the Terrible Two’s???

on March 26, 2012

So I think my little girl may be entering that lovely phase that all parents come to dread. the Terrible Two’s!!!!

The last two days have been frankly chaotic and tiring to say the least!

A trip to the in-laws yesterday saw multiple meltdown’s, with a leisurely jaunt to the park and an ice-cream, slowly turn to chaos! The meltdown’s came thick and fast and arose for various reasons, from not wanting to be on the swing, wanting the 50th go on the slide when we needed to leave, wanting the cone of everyone elses ice cream and not the tub I had specifically bought to share with her, not being allowed to run around the car park where cars were driving past and not wanting to hold anyone’s hand but mummy’s. I am sure there was lots more but I forget now!

Today however was the worst yet! We went to view a bigger house near where we live and had a lovely stroll there with our daughter on her trike. However a sunny stroll soon led to the house viewing from hell! The minute the poor lady opened the door my daughter went into the most spectacular meltdown I think I have seen in quite some time! We hadn’t even got over the doorstep! The couple politely invited us in and my daughter just continued to freak out beyond words! We made a quick beeline for the garden in the hope she would calm down and she did briefly but the minute we went back in the house she started up again. The poor couple was trying to show us around and tell us about the house and my daughter was literally screaming like something deranged with snot and dribble everywhere. She only wanted to be carried and by me and I was struggling to carry her so had to pass her to my husband, which only served to make it worse! In the end hubby apologised and headed outside with my daughter to leave me to complete the viewing on my own, I was mortified and apologising profusely, whilst in the background outside was the constant sound of shrieking and screaming. We headed downstairs and the lady tried to placate my little girl by getting her trike and taking her to see the flowers, but that didn’t work, she kicked and screamed wildly as I tried to put her in the seat! Then the gentleman tried to pick her up and calm her down in a grandfatherly manner, which resulted in him being covered in snot and dribble and her kicking to be away! (Very embarrassing!) The couple were lovely, very kind and understanding but I have to say I don’t quite think I fully took everything in and wouldn’t like to have to ask to go back!!!!

On leaving a neighbour of ours drive past and commented “Oh that’s who it is, I heard the screams down by my house!” Very, very embarrassing!

My husband literally carried our daughter kicking and screaming back to our house, nothing would calm her down. When we got in she asked to go to bed, wouldn’t lie on the sofa or bed with me, just wanted to be in her cot. After 20 minutes chilling out on her own with her dummy and bunnies she came downstairs like a different child! Unbelievable!!!

This hasn’t been the first meltdown of late, we’ve had other meltdown’s because we couldn’t go play in the garden, because we wouldn’t hold mummy’s hand when walking to the car, because we suddenly want our dummy beyond bedtime and don’t want to give it up and because we didn’t want to go with grandma the other morning when mummy had to go to work. This was a particularly random one, we are fine every morning but this particular morning we dug our heels well and truly in, so much so that my poor mum had to leave the library session she had taken her to and just head home because she was still screaming when they arrived and as the session was about to start!

My daughter’s meltdown’s are very, very spectacular, anyone who knows us will know that she can literally hit new heights on the Richter scale! I am just dreading the day it happens in a shop or cafe!!!

I remember being so adamant before I was pregnant that if I ever had children they would be very well-behaved, no tantrums, they wouldn’t get their own way etc etc. Oh how different it is when you are living it! I just hope I can remain strong and not bow to her demands as such and deal with it calmly so that we come through the other side quickly. In the meantime however I may give house viewings with my daughter a wide berth!!!!

13 responses to “Have We Entered the Terrible Two’s???

  1. Charlotte says:

    Oh dear. They pick there moments! If you like you could link this post to Terrible Twosdays tomorrow. It’s great therapy! x

  2. Thank you for adding my blog post link to your post. I’ll return the favor 🙂 Hang in there and know you aren’t alone. I’m at the stage of the terrible two’s where my child yells at me when I do something he doesn’t like. The only way I can get him to stop is by making a funny face at him. Drives me nuts, but I end up laughing. Probably not the best form of discipline, but I’m desperate at this point to get him to stop. We can get through this, haha!

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  4. Jen Lyle says:

    Chocolate raisins and bribery….its the only way forward 🙂

  5. It is grimness of the grimmest order from Grimsville, isn’t it? All I can say is don’t give in, use tv where possible, and remind yourself it is a phase. They all come out of it eventually. Good luck x

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  7. mummyglitzer says:

    H is 23 months and the Terrible Twos are well under way. I am looking forward to starting a job next week and leaving the husband to deal with the tantrums! 😉

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