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The A-Z of Me

on March 21, 2012

I’ve recently been tagged by the lovely Tracy of a Mum in Meltdown and challenged to do The A-Z of Me

It’s been a challenge to think up but I think I’ve come up with a half decent stab at it! So here goes…

The A-Z of Me

A- Aeroplanes I have a strange fascination with them but am petrified of flying on them!

B- Bump I loved my bump I just don’t love my post bump bulge!

C- Cats My other babies

D- Daughter I love her to bits

E- Enchiladas Yummy!!!!

F- Family Mine means the world to me

G- Good Friends You can’t beat them!

H- Holiday’s I love holidays!!!

I- Ice cream Hmmm I love Ben and Jerry’s

J- Juggling Something every mother needs to learn!

K- Kind I’d like to think I am and appreciate others that are

L- Love You can’t beat it

M- Mother My favourite role yet and I love my own mother too

N- Nana I love and miss her every day

O- Occupation PR

P- Potty Training The next stage to come

Q- Quiet Sorry what’s that???

R- Reiki I’d secretly love to learn how to do this

S- SKY Plus The best creation ever! I don’t have hog it too!

T- Time Why does it always seem to fly by and feel like there’s never enough!

U- Uniform Sometimes I wish I had to wear one for work so I don’t bore of my wardrobe so quickly!

V- Vino Ok maybe the very occasional glass of red is a nice treat

W- Weight loss It’s a bitch post pregnancy!

X- X-ray I’ve had that many I might be radioactive!

Y- Yummy Mummy Week I’m proud to have raised £150 for CLIC Sargent’s Yummy Mummy Week campaign

Z- Zumba Something I haven’t actually tried! I fear I couldn’t keep up!

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4 responses to “The A-Z of Me

  1. What a fabulous way for us to get to know you better 🙂 xx

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