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A Feel Good Day

on March 20, 2012

Today has been one of those days that just makes you smile. I’ve had a lovely day with my little girl, not one temper tantrum, not one cross word, just utter joy and it has been lovely!

We started the day with a trip to our arts and crafts group, where we made some fantastic pirate and princess hats, a hanging easter chick and a sun catcher for the garden. These will all feature in some of my #ArtAttackTuesday posts to come (which I hope you will join in with too).

Then we came home and played on her slide and swing in the garden as the weather was lovely. She had a lovely time and the only time we did have a little tantrum was when she had to come in for dinner but I will let her off on that one as, as soon as she saw her scrambled eggs on toast she decided the tears were no longer needed!

At her request we returned to the garden for a further play but this was cut short by the call of nature and at this point mummy made the call that a nap was probably needed too. Come to think of it there were a couple more tears at this decision but again it didn’t last long once she saw her bed and Mrs Bunny and realised she was actually quite tired!

Mummy then had an hour or two to herself where I caught up on bits and bobs and of course popped on here to do this week’s #ArtAttackTuesday post.

Once my gorgeous girl woke I was again pulled outside to play on the slide and swings and we took turns drawing pictures on her doodle pad out on the patio, before we went for a walk to the local shop on her trike.

When we got home I made us both tea while she had a play and was delighted that she ate nearly all of it!

Tea was followed by a fun bath time consisiting of lots of splashing and putting bubbles on my nose, before we headed downstairs for Waybuloo, In The Night Garden and the adorded bedtime bottle. After In The Night Garden she picked three bedtime books (normally it’s one or two max but I allowed a third as we’d had such a nice day) We read “Sharing a Shell” and her “Nursery Rhymes” and “Shapes” book and I was again delighted to find she knew exactly which shapes were which when I asked her.

Following brushing our teeth (no paddy’s too, a joy!), a lovely cuddle and a chat with Mrs Bunny to tell her what a good girl she had been we’ve now headed to bed for the evening and mummy has taken up residence on the couch, washing and ironing done, tea and washing up done and downstairs tidied, dusted and swept (the upstairs can wait another day!) Every day should be like today, I will go to bed tonight with a big smile on my face following my Feel Good Day!

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