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Daddy’s Day Out

on March 7, 2012

So, in a rare day alone with our little one my hubby was tasked with getting her up and out to her arts session in time. However after a rather one off evening of waking and crying throughout the night (that’s our daughter and not the hubby or myself I hasten to add!) we both slept in and woke with a start realising that the group started in little over an hour.

I jumped out of bed and started to get her ready but hubby refused to acknowledge that he could still make it to the group in time and stuck his heels in, refusing to budge. The result… a pass on our regular arty morning, no glittery masks or Tropicana carton bird houses to report this week I’m afraid.

Was I going to let him get away scot free though? Oh no no no no… I packed her nappy bag and sent them both on their merry way to the local park. It was a beautiful, if not fresh day and my daughter loves the swings so I sent him on a playground mission.

This was one of the pics I received through to my phone and I hear the slides and swings went down very well too!

Well done daddy on your daddy day out! Mission accomplished!!!

One response to “Daddy’s Day Out

  1. Lol, definitely don’t let them get away with it!! And I’m sure he had a wonderful time. I love the little bike.

    CJ x

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