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Party Time – A Baby Takeover

on February 25, 2012

I’ve had a lovely morning this morning at my friend’s birthday party.

Lots of my friends were there, there was party food and most importantly cake, it was a lion!!!! I managed a hole in one with a cupcake everyone was very impressed!

My friend got a trike for his birthday so our mummies say we can go out for rides together as I’ve got one too. I am looking forward to that!

I’m playing at home now with mummy, daddy and my grandma and grandad, they are staying the night with us, I like seeing them and they are very impressed with my new walking skills!

Daddy, grandma and grandad are all shouting at the television at the minute, there seems to be some men in red running at some men in white that have a funny shaped football, it’s all very exciting. Mummy says she has other reasons for watching but I am not sure what she means???? 🙂

oooh that sounded like the big food thing, I think mummy calls it an oven, that means my food is ready so I am off now night folks!

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