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It’s a baby takeover

on February 24, 2012

So… my mummy has been a bit busy the last few days and not really had chance to update you all on what we’ve been up to so this is a baby hijack and I am going to share what I’ve done today with you in my own words!

First I woke my mummy very early because I’d had enough sleep. Mummy lets me come and sit in her bedroom with her so I can have my bottle and play while she gets ready. I insisted on emptying the contents of her make up bag to find the very best items to play drums with, I find the moisturiser tubs and eyeliner pencils make a great set! Then when I was bored with that I got all my books and read some of my favourites while mummy got ready.

Then we headed downstairs for breakfast and a play but I was far too interested in Zingzillas to eat much of my breakfast or drink any of my milk, who has time for that when there’s dancing to be done?

After a short play we headed across to grandmas so that mummy could go and get about her business, sometimes she goes to a place called work.

It was funny to watch mummy having a fight with my car seat though, it’s almost as big as she is and very heavy, she said she had forgotten she had to use daddy’s car today and had to move it across so she could take me to grandmas. I don’t think she was too happy as it took her a long time to manage to put it in and she seemed a bit hot by the time she had finished… anyway back to my day…

Mummy took me to grandmas where I had a little bit more breakfast (a girl has to start the day right and after all I was too busy to eat my breakfast earlier!) then after another play with my favourite toy at grandmas, my new singing hamper, grandma took me to playgroup to see all of my friends.

I like playgroup, there’s lots of really fun toys, my favourite is a little red car but because I am so small I have to make grandma push me around, and around, and around, and around and… oh, ok you get the message! Anyway, once I have made grandma dizzy I then had to practice my walking all around the room, exploring all the other toys before taking a short break for biscuits and a drink, that’s another favourite part of my day!

By the time I finished playgroup I was one tired out little girl, especially after I woke mummy so early this morning, so we went back to grandmas so I could have a nap.

When I woke up grandma had a lovely yummy dinner ready for me and then we played with my toys and read some of my faourite books. I have lots of fun with my grandma, we do lots of fun things and if I ask nicely she also sings funny songs with me, I really like the dingle dangle scarecrow and laugh at grandma doing the actions.

After we had lots of fun and I practiced walking all over grandmas house and exploring to perfect my steps she brought me back home. I’ve had a lovely day but I was also very happy to see my mummy and daddy.

I had some tea and then spent the night playing with mummy and daddy and having lots of cuddles. I also watched CBeebies bedtime hour, Waybuloo and In The Night Garden are some of my favourite programmes, along with Mr Tumble, he is funny!

I am cream crackered now, daddy read me my bedtime story tonight which was all about mummy dog and baby dog playing hide and seek with the other pets, I like that book as I can peek under the flaps, but I think it’s time to go to bed now and cuddle up to my bunnies and start dreaming about my fun day tomorrow! My other grandma and grandad are coming to see me and I am looking forward to seeing them. It’s also my friend’s birthday and I am going to his party… Hmmm….. I wonder if there’ll be cake?????

2 responses to “It’s a baby takeover

  1. missuswolf says:

    Ooooh how exciting, I am pleased you enjoyed your baby’s day of fun and I am loving It’s a baby takeover! I look forward to more takeover’s xxx

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