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Aquadoodle Review

on February 23, 2012

So like me you probably want to release your little one’s inner creative genius but you’d rather not have crayon or paint all over your walls

or furniture? The first time I tried arts and crafts with my little girl it got somewhat messy and slightly put me off from going there again in my own home for quite a while!

However at Christmas I came across Aquadoodle and it is a fantastic solution!

Generally speaking Aquadoodle is a mat that you can lay on your floor (travel sizes also available) and allow children to doodle on with the Aquadoodle pen.

So what’s the difference to a piece of paper and crayons or pens I hear you ask? The difference being that the Aquadoodle pen will ONLY write on the Aquadoodle mat, so any stray strokes won’t leave any tell-tale signs! Genius! All you need do is fill the Aquadoodle pen with water and hey presto it writes, there’s no ink and it’s non-toxic too.

My little one found it hard to draw with crayons initially as she couldn’t put enough pressure onto the paper but the Aquadoodle pen needs little pressure at all and is easy for little fingers to grip and doodle with.

The mat we have has a range of pictures around the edge, each relating to a letter of the alphabet, when the pen is drawn over the images and / or letter they show up in dark blue, so it’s a great way of encouraging your child to doodle, whilst also teaching them new words and the alphabet. the centre part of the mat is left for releasing your child’s creativity in whatever way they like. My daughter and I draw around one another’s hands and I have even managed to draw around her when she was a little smaller! You can even wet your child’s hands and feet and they can make marks on the mat that way too.

You can get lots of different versions of the mats including a rainbow one which looks quite cool, as well as smaller travel / table size mats (the large ones do however roll / fold down very small anyway). My daughter loves playing with her Aquadoodle and although not cheap I think it’s certainly been worth the money!

Find out more about Aquadoodle

2 responses to “Aquadoodle Review

  1. I am loving your blog posts and although I don’t have children when the time comes I am going to use this as my bible! It’s fantastic and I think it would be fab for new mums xxxx

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