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A few tiny totters and we’re off!

on February 18, 2012

So for months now I’ve watched as all my mummy friends kids took their first steps wondering when it might be my little girl’s turn and this last week has finally been the turning point!

We weren’t the earliest in the physical development states, we didn’t bear weight on our legs and we HATED tummy time. We sat up at 7 months but didn’t move until 11 months and even then it wasn’t the most conventional of methods. After the hatred of tummy time crawling was probably never likely to be on the cards, instead we opted for a bum shuffle. However strange this may have looked it was actually very cute and quite endearing. It did attract a lot of attention when we were out and about and comments of “oh wow look at that”, “I’ve never seen anything like it”, “that’s an alternative way of getting around” and “awww how cool / cute” were regular utterances.

From around 13 months we started to bear weight for the first time and became happy to ‘totter’ holding onto someone’s hand, but the minute the grip was released the legs buckled and we sat ourselves back down. Harnesses / reins were not an option at all and resulted in tears and the ‘Walker’ was initially an item of fear. At 16 months out of the blue at a friend’s house we took our first tiny steps across the room between mummy and daddy and we were so thrilled at our own achievement we practiced for the next two hours continuously, then nothing again for several weeks. Then we began to test the water with the walker and realised it wasn’t as bad as first thought and gradually our confidence built. Finally, this last week or two saw more tentative steps on our own before we launched ourselves across the room and decided not to stop and not to look back!

It’s an amazing thing to watch my little girl take her next bold move in the world, I’ve waited for so long! Now I am told I’ll be wishing I hadn’t urged it and will need eyes in the back of my head and that’s probably so! Just the other night after getting my daughter out of the bath my husband turned to lift the towel of the radiator, only to turn back and realise there was no child in front of him! A glance to the left saw a little naked bum running off across the landing towards her bedroom! Need I say any more… What have we let ourselves in for! Would we change it? Never!!!!

To find out more about development and developmental milestones why not visit some of the following links that I found helpful:

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