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Hello and Welcome!

on February 15, 2012

Hello all and thanks for visiting!

As a first time mum of one gorgeous little girl I’ve found the early weeks and months as a mummy can be a minefield, with a wealth of information, advice, products and services to choose from as well as sleepless nights and learning curves!

So, now that I have come through my first year as a new mummy I thought what better than to start up my first ever blog and share my thoughts, feelings and views and hopefully help others a little bit along the way.

It could be said that I have taken full advantage of time with my little girl. I took a lengthy period of maternity leave and spent a significant amount of time looking up and researching places to go and things to do with her! In a quest to be the ultimate mummy and produce a child that would challenge the best mensa candidate, I’ve visited various groups from local playgroups and free Surestart Centre programmes to national schemes such as Waterbabies and Signing Tots. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experiences I have had and on the whole wouldn’t change a thing… apart from maybe thinking I am of course the ultimate mummy and will have a mensa child! Reality does have hit at a certain point!

In addition I’ve spent endless hours trawling the internet reading up on baby products, taking in reviews and ratings and making purchase decisions that I have hoped would be of long term benefit. In many cases this has been of benefit but unfortunately not always. Are there items I can’t do without? YES! Are there some I wish I had never bought? YES! This is all part and parcel of being a new mummy and the learning curve that comes with it!

As my daughter grows and develops I am encountering more ‘firsts’ and moments of joy, laughter, tears and tantrums.  I am learning how to deal with such issues and often how NOT to deal with them too!

In my blog I aim to share my experiences, telling it as it is about the products I have tried and the groups and classes I have attended. I also hope to share with you the emotional highs and the frustrating lows… after all, we all go through the same and a little sharing can go a long way…

I hope you enjoy…

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